Connections like rain drops

So today I went to a spoken word poetry event . One of my favourite venues chilled and friendly. Beautiful old church.

This is the story I told after I’d finished reading I was approached by a lovely lady who is possibly a relation of Matthew the man in the story.

As she spoke I was reminded of what I already know

Without doubt we are all connected. We are a circle within a circle with no beginning and never ending.

Read on tell me what you think?

Ancestor connection.

I worship the old gods of this land the isle of Albion.

I follow the wheel of the year. Tonight the wheel turns it is Samhain eve in a 13c churchyard.

Its 3am and almost a full moon. There is a avenue of yew trees and it’s without one of the most magical places I know.

It’s my favourite place for ritual. The place I come to give thanks, to show gratitude. To talk with spirit.

To think to read. To just to be.

I wonder from my usual path many of the tombstones are overgrown covered in ivy surrounded by knot weed.

Standing back from all the others is an old stone old coffin shaped base it is covered in ivy.

I’m always drawn to it but no details are visible.

I stand in the moonlight. I ask ‘who are you?’

Touching the base of the cold stone.
I start to pick at the ivy..

it has pushed its way into the grey stone clinging green fingers into the details of intricate carved words.

I chant and hum quietly to myself it becomes quite mediative

As I pull at the vines they come away in narly sharp lengths sometimes tiny pieces that cling with remarkable strength.

We are a circle within a circle with no begining and never ending. I sing to my yet unknown companion
Time slips by slowly and the winter sun begins to rise birds begin to sing.

The carved words become visible.
I read out loud. Matthew Goodridge. Age 43
Mellincreethin a shiver runs through me as I read the next line .

Died 31 Oct 1888 Samhain..

Further down I read the names of Matthews daughters .Sarah Anne 14. Tirzah 9.
I catch a glimpse of someone watching me from the avenue of yew trees a tall man he nods smiles politely lifts his cap as he walks slowly through the avenue of sacred yews.

Matthew I whisper.

The sun shines as Celtic new year is born.

I sit there beside Matthew his two young daughters .

I will remember you Matthew.

My samhain ancestor of this place I love.

We are a circle within a circle. With no beginning and never ending.

All of us connected. The stuff of stars.

That was four years ago Matthew.
Your stone stands straight and tall cleared cleaned and cared for.
I remember you often.
This poem is for you.

Your tombstone stands among the rest;
neglected and alone
The name and date are chiseled out
on centuries old welsh stone
It reaches out to all who care
It is too late to mourn
You did not know that I would exist
You died centuries before I was born.
Yet each of us are cells of you. stardust connected
in flesh, in blood, in bone.

Our blood contracts and beats a pulse
entirely not our own.

Dear Matthew goodridge , the place you filled
hundreds of years ago
Spreads out among the ones you left

who would have loved you so.
I wonder of your life you lived of those l loved,
I wonder if you knew
That someday I would find this spot,
and stand here to honour you.

Author: Raven ❤️

Musings and magical workings of a soul midwife, mountain wondering poet and dreamer. Lover of all things magical. Life is always beautiful, but sometimes hard. if you don't like the way things are change it. Raven🖤

6 thoughts on “Connections like rain drops”

  1. You’re a true kindred spirit of all that came before you and all that’s yet to be. A very important link in a chain that connects now to the infinite in all directions of all dimensions of every word ever said or unsaid and every part of all. I love this and your next piece as well. Glad you put pen to paper and decided to share your inner life with me (and anyone).
    Peace in peculiar times,


    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful words.
      Thank you for reading. Putting pen to paper for me is so very cathartic it started as a diary when I was a child.
      The blank page has always been my truest friend.
      Always allowing me to speak my truth, share my joys and my sorrows without ever judging.
      Page is always just there.
      Have a wonderful day my friend 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. My second thought I’d like to share-
    Taxol comes from the Yew tree. Apparently I’m allergic to the yew to the point of death. I stopped breathing the first time I was given taxol and thus each subsequent infusion was preceded by 500 Mg of Benadryl and a bunch of cortisone. Then six months later after continuous weekly infusions I was told by my oncologist, you’re my miracle kid, I didn’t expect to have you alive past February. The yew tree tried to kill me but then saved me. Funny thing, our flora. We must tread lightly on those sacred places, walk softer than air when we reach the right balance so nature can help heal us. It’s not too far out of our reach to find drastic measures to give ourselves back the life of our resources so we may kindly borrow healing from what we are killing. I’m about to attempt to write a post comparing cancer invading the body as humans have invaded the planet. humans:earth is like metastatic diseases:humans.
    Makes sense?



    1. Yes! Complete sense!
      Wow llene you have work to do here my warrior friend!
      Yes I knew about the yew re taxol always found it pretty mind bending as a tree it’s so poisonous every part of the tree can kill you apart from its berries
      I’m really interested and work with plant medicine alot.
      Have you read medical medium?
      #goodBook on benefits of something as lowly as celery .

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      1. I’ve not read it yet but will look into it. I see Dr Donald Abrams, world renown integrative oncologist who wrote books with Dr Raymond Weil on food, supplements, and naturopathic medicine. He is as well a huge proponent for medical cannabis and THC/CBD and use of psychedelic therapy with those who have terminal illness. He works with the cancer program I’ve attended with Michael Lerner who wrote and compiled the seminal book on alternative therapies -go to and also see his online version of the book that was just recently webified. They have a lot of video of the lecture series they do and I was supposed to go to a writing workshop there tomorrow but unfortunately the weather is such that I cannot make the car ride in time and not exhaust myself completely or aggravate my neuropathy so much that I cannot get to my oncologist appointments Tuesday at Stanford. I much prefer the teaching hospitals to other environments for my condition. I’m by no stretch of the imagination a “good” girl. I do stuff I should probably not do and eat what I should stay away from but I try. And I believe in hope and not solely making cancer my life’s focus, both of which keep me relatively healthy. Moving out to the beautiful Sierra foothills has had a huge impact on my life already.

        For The first several weeks there was a strange buzzing in my ears and I couldn’t figure out what it was. It was actually my ears getting used to the quiet of the countryside and getting rid of the noise pollution was a big part of why we moved. The second part was not having the light pollution and actually seeing stars at night and thirdly was having my feet touch the earth. It was those things that I was missing most and I couldn’t live without any longer. The move here it was the best that thing we have done for ourselves as human beings since we’ve been together. What we don’t go on a lot of vacations and I hope that changes soon. we do things that are helpful for our health and this was the best thing as I’ve said. You are of course welcome here anytime if you do come to California and I hope that you do. I often wish I lived closer to my UK online tribe. They mean so much to my health through supporting me and my writing especially. Meeting in person I think would be amazing.

        I’m so glad we “met” – kismet, that is.

        Beshert is a great Yiddish word that loosely means, “meant to be.” And I think all of this was beshert.


      2. Wow oncologist sounds amazing would love to find his online workshops.
        I use the CBD thc oil with the people I work with and could tell you some beyond amazing stories of the difference it has made. I had one lady six years ago she was 62 at the time breast cancer had mastectomy remission for a year then pains in her back scan showed liver tumors size of pound coins three of them
        She refused further chemo opted for CBD thc oil and quality of life.
        They did try to pusuade her down chemo route but she would hear of it. Anyway long story short 3 months later scan showed tumours had shrank we are six years down line she’s in remission no sign of any liver tumors. No symptoms.
        Oncologist advice
        Just keep doing what your doing. I wish they would legalise it here medically if only for cancer patients
        Everyone deserves a choice not everyone can afford to pay to buy “good” oil or cream
        I hope your traveling changes too I’d love to visit but the retreat is non profit so traveling outside u.k is just a dream for now but I will put it out there to the universe!
        I hear you re the no light pollution and walking barefoot that’s why I moved to Wales I love to be outside by a fire pit under the stars .
        I think we’d be tribe friends if you were here sisters ❤️
        I love my job it has always put things into perspective.
        I can’t do with people complaining about petty things or wanting material “stuff”
        Life is sometimes hard but always beautiful if you look for it.
        That’s why I started the retreat I wanted a place where cancer patients could come away and just remember who they are.
        That spark inside us without what ever is going on with our fleshy overcoat .
        Walk on the mountain, sit under the stars or just have time out to read have some healing just “be”
        It’s been amazing so far I’ve made the most amazing inspiring friends including you.
        Yes definitely beshert 😘🤗🙏


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