Random girl.

My random girl you are everywhere.Reminders that you’ve left this earthly plane.The cranes on the marina I smile as I hear you sayI hate those cranes why are they pointing this way.I miss you random girl.I drive past Sainsbury’s memories flash like cine filmI hear you beside meI’ll be sitting by the window hurry up I’ve got you a cup of teaI smile to myselfSimple but still .I miss youSinging badly in the carStick throwing for honey never went farWind street the scene of many mad nights out.Transparent vodka as you danced aboutChickoland and queing for taxis in the cold night airOr summer nights sat on huge picnic tables with nutty Russians your favourite cocktail.Pink blaring you knew every word.If someone said three years from now you’d be long gone..I miss youRandom text messages.Can you guess what letter it begins with.Long black hair cheeky smile.Knob was a term of endearment.I miss youThe days of champers and the king’s on the high streetFoam party’s at H2OLong beach walks.Flip flop shoppingDog walkingPainted toe nailsI miss youRandom facts like you loved coffee in take away cups.Drawing in the sand.Walking barefoot on the bay.Writing out names watching the sea wash them away.I miss youSitting on the wall at Barry eating chips.Remos at sunset collecting shellsSand in my car.Pebbles in the glove boxBreakfast at vees cafe.I miss youWatching full moons riseWishing the world would go away.Holidays in the sunWalking on different beaches.Singing and having funDid I say I miss you?Memories of songsWind in our hair boat trips on open seas.Sam Smith sang black and goldYou lay with your head upon my kneeWarm sun kissed skinTime flew by days turned into yearsChildren grew families intertwinedWe were going to be nannies togetherHow could fate be so unkind.Although we knew that time together was running out fast.We packed in so many memories I replay them each day that goes past.I speak of you oftenI talk to you stillI loved you my random girl and know I always will ❤️I miss youI miss meI miss usIf someone said three years from now you’d be long gone..Who knew

Author: Raven ❤️

Musings and magical workings of a soul midwife, mountain wondering poet and dreamer. Lover of all things magical. Life is always beautiful, but sometimes hard. if you don't like the way things are change it. Raven🖤

10 thoughts on “Random girl.”

    1. Thanks Elaine she’s been gone a year 9/11 I talk with her daily
      Dispite all my spiritualist beliefs it’s the just being with her I miss terribly x
      Feeling almost Human again. Back to work tomorrow x

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      1. I know what you mean when my mum passed last Christmas Eve I felt such joy for her knowing all her pain had gone but I miss her so much, faith does help but we are human and still feel the pain. ❤️ Enjoy work 😏 it won’t be for long 😉


  1. I feel every word of this and I hope someone misses me this much when I am gone all the little eccentricities, the random details keep one from fading in the memories of those who love them most. I lost my best friend at 37 to complications related to AIDS. I miss him every day. Someone said you die twice – once when you physically die and secondly on the last day anyone says your name. I shall never stop saying Allan’s name. Or my fathers. Or my grandparents. It’s so easy to do and so hard, too.


    1. Llene I hear you.
      When someone dear to us leaves to go home. We are changed forever as I’m sure you do too I miss the me that I was with her.
      The laughing the just being, the having someone that really knew the spark that was me.
      No need to explain myself to her.
      I catch glimpses of her often
      Speak of her everyday.
      Much love to you my friend x


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