Witching hour writer

So tired it’s 2.28am.

I’ve crawled into bed

That place where my brain rebels

Insomnia fairy and writing muse lurk in the shadows of my room.

Hello it shouts as my head greets the softness of my pillow.

It shouts don’t forget tomorrow you need to buy cat food.

Shhhhh! Stop im shattered

It’s like having a hyperactive child who has an obsessive need to tell me random things in the early hours of the morning.

Or discover a line of a poem I’ve been baking in my head.

Oh and you need to ring the g.p before 8am

So if you hurry you may just get five hours sleep.

It’s raining.

Have you locked the car?

You forgot to bake banana bread

Did you wrap the crystals up ready to post tomorrow?

Has the dog had her spot on flea treatment this month.

Shall we go out for Christmas lunch or stay home?

What time are trago mills open until on a week day.

Who played the detective in all that remains ?

What that on BBC or Channel 4 ?

I concentrate on my breathing

Mindfully imagining a beautiful beach and the sound of the waves on the shore.

Have you switched the washing machine off?

I open my eyes

The Pendle witch peers at me from her broom stick on the ceiling

I think I see her smirk.

She knows my nightly dilemma

I reach for my pad and pen

Put on the salt lamp and write.

The glow from my window

By the canal I wonder how many other witching hour writers are out there?

Out of bed pen in hand woken or kept from sleep

Scribing tales poems blogs.

Until the writing blurs ideas quieten

Sleep finds us.

Author: Raven ❤️

Musings and magical workings of a soul midwife, mountain wondering poet and dreamer. Lover of all things magical. Life is always beautiful, but sometimes hard. if you don't like the way things are change it. Raven🖤

9 thoughts on “Witching hour writer”

  1. Oh I love this one. I truly do. Now I just stay up until I’m passed out wherever that may be. My betrothed doesn’t hit the sack until 7 am. I think he may be a vampire but I’m not sure. I got tired of getting back up so I just don’t even sleep sometimes. And sometimes three or four hours is better than none. I miss day life but I have a night life instead. I’m always awake here in California!


      1. Craig says he was supposed to live in Europe – he lives his waking and sleeping life in that time zone without a doubt. I am ambizonal – adaptive to any global time zone. Lately I really get a lot of crap in the real world where transactional events at doctors, banks, post offices abc such do deeds between 9am and 5 or 6 pm pacific time. The 8 am alarm has to go off a few days a week. Do you ever just plough through and stay up until the next night and reset the old clocks. Sometimes it works and now I must to home with myself and clean my house,
        Shower and eat before my friend arrives 7 hours from now. Sleep is for wimps and for those without terminal illness or their caregivers. Slave on and #fuckcancer

        With love


      2. Definitely fuck cancer .
        Yes I have stayed away the clock around gets a bit spacey.
        Jeff says I’m frightened of missing something 🤣
        Has offered to put a horizontal pole in our bedroom then I can hang upside down like a bat 😈

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Since I was little I could not wait for morning – and got up with or before the sun. My cancer has shifted my sleep schedule to much later and time has no meaning – I am late to just about everything and sleeping through alarms is the norm. It’s a big deal to me. I’m not one to have been late or to sleep past noon. I shake my head knowing time as I once knew it is gone and accepting this type of schedule is all I can do. I truly hate it.


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