Our very first podcast

Canalside one street our story.

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: One story of one street https://anchor.fm/joolz-raven-stewart/episodes/One-story-of-one-street-eb5apj

9 thoughts on “Our very first podcast

  1. Beautiful to hear your voice and heartbreaking to have heard of your experience in your paradise canalside. What a horribly ugly world when you can get no answers while literally standing in shit. My heart breaks for you as I know what it’s like to live with life changing uncertainty day to day. I too love old furniture, would miss the things I have but while staring death in the face every day it always occurs to me that things can be replaced but people are irreplaceable. I wish I were there to help but being so far is hard and harder still knowing how you are pained – your voice painted a picture that is undeniable. Much love.


      1. I completely agree. I really believe some people were meant to know one another. Perhaps someday I’ll get over there and we can test this theory. I keep telling Craig we need to go to the UK so I can meet my peeps over the hills across the big pond! Nothing’s impossible.


      2. Hey you know I run Ravens Retreat right..
        So all you need are flights your accommodation is free whilst your here!!
        Come on Craig sort it out.
        This is exiting..
        I’m asking the universe to show us the way ..visualising you knocking my door 🙏❤️
        See you soon I’m sure

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      3. I think about it all the time
        Renting a car at the airport
        Stopping a few places en route
        Sending a message you’ll immediately understand
        Knowing you will answer when I knock
        And hugging you when I do

        There’s too many people who I have virtually deep relationships with, whom I know I will meet one day in person.
        We will meet
        I know it in my heart
        Time to get the passport updated – the -one with so many stamps and visas. I guess I don’t want to give that part of my life up amongst all the others. But I know there new adventures await my presence.
        So which airport?


      4. Cardiff airport. Is in Wales but I guess you would fly into london and rent a car or get the train.
        Then drive over to.Neath valley where a tiny cottage by a canal would be waiting with the kettle on.
        Ducks and geese and new friends .
        Then we can chat and plan where and what you’d like to see.
        New adventures 2020 is a year of new begginings just give me a date and I’ll book cottage in your name
        Exiting times ✈️😉🤗🙏

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      5. Oh this would be just amazing and Craig is an Anglophile so perhaps an easy trip to convince him of? I will speak with him. We’ve no reason not to go this summer perhaps. I will get the passports moving.

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