Happiness is…

Nothing makes me happier than the lush green valleys of Wales.
Breathing in the cool fresh air.
Feeling that magical energy as I stand behind my favourite water fall.
Closing my eyes slightly staring through the rushing curtain of white irredecent sparkling water..
Whilst huge cold drips fall from the ceiling of the ancient cave rolling down my face like enormous earthy tasting tears.

This is holy water.
Swaying mountain fearns and spongey thick moss push up around slabs of fallen stone compeating for the brightest shade of green.
Swallows and swifts sing of its beauty.

Blue and red dragonflies hover majestically

Heaven couldnt not be more perfect than this place..
The roar of the river calls my name.
I stand alone and close my eyes pulling the energy of this place down above me.
Visualising it swirling and wrapping itself around me.
Irredecent sparkling beautiful refreashing energy.
I capture it from head to toe like a cloak of protection.

Feeling the pulsing of this place surging through my limbs.
My core my mind & body as it replenishs my spirit.
Im drawn to this magic
Listening to my body it pulls me here whenever i am low.
To recharge me fully
Restoring my strength

Ground me to this magical land
Reminding me of why I am here.
I leave thankful
Knowing I am blessed
Gratful every day for the magic of this land where I live.
A place of legends of the old ways
Cerridwen, Taliesin,
Of dragons and fae
Of dreams of love.

Thank you I whisper into the breeze.

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