Wishes @ Junction 38. M4

Junction 38 of M4

Port Talbot

Town of steel .

Its 4pm.on a winter’s day

Sun streaming through the blast furnace smoke .

As I glance to my left as I drive towards home.

To my right green mountains a rainbow arcs across to margam.

I smile

I love this place .

Beautiful partnership of industrial landscape sliding into beautiful Swansea bay.

Mumbles light house comes into view

Shimmering in the cold sunlight



Green mountains

Sing song lilt of wenglish

Sleeping toddler stirs I her car seat beside me .

My little Welsh grand daughter.

How blessed I am.

To be a part of this landscape.

This land

I smile to myself.

Remembering my childhood wish

Every candle blown

Every wish bone

Every dandelion clock.

Close my eyes tight shut

And never tell a soul

What did you wish?

I’d smile keep my secret

Don’t tell or it won’t come true.

As I turn onto the canalpath where I live

Row of colourful cottages

Geese honk a friendly welcome home

As I carry my sleeping grand daughter in my arms and lie her carefully on a warm blanket by a roaring cottage fire .

Wishes do come true

I’m here this is my wish


All that I wished for and more


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