Bullying, hate crime, child mental health and lock down

I’m writing this post about my beautiful grand daughter.

To raise awareness of hate crime

Bullying that follows kids home it’s there right in front of you in your home.

Behind a screen a phone a laptop a tablet.

Be aware it happened to us it can happen to you.

We always here about bullying and I suppose everyone has experienced it in one way or another growing up.

Just lately I’ve been unfortunate to discover a completely new level.

I can hear my old mams words echoing “there’s nothing as cruel as kids”

I want to tell her she was dead right.

I have three grown up children .

My eldest granddaughter is mixed race I may be bias but I’m so proud of the way my daughter has raised her.

She’s a good kid, kind and compassionate.

She’s my eyes, I adore her.

She’s at high school 14 tall beautiful, funny and bright .

But over this last year I’ve noticed a change.

It’s been a strange year lock down , living through a pandemic.

My daughter and granddaughter both advised to shield as my daughter has auto immune conditions and my granddaughter Tamika has asthma.

But my gut told me it was more than lockdown our girl had changed.

She and I have always been close .

I asked was everything okay she said it was but I wasn’t convinced.

She was withdrawn.

Eventually we discover she is being bullied by a girl from the other side of town.

Hate crimes a more appropriate expression than bullying .

Because the way she was being hounded was just unforgivable.

The police visited the house spoke to Tamika explained what they could do.

But she didn’t want it to be taken any further.

She later tells us she’s afraid of the repercussions.

It will bring to my daughters door.

The 15 year old girls boyfriend is known for assault

Tamika won’t tell me the girls name all i know is it is Molly.

Please Nan she says leave it.

I’m so upset

We are supposed to protect our kids .

I then discover the girl is posting on tik toc videos of people she hates one of Tamika with photos of her .

Vile insults like

“Your a failed abortion’

Threats to hit her.

Hurt her.

Pictures of her commenting on her size.

3 years ago my beautiful girl attended and performed performance poetry with me and poets on the hill.

She had the confidence to perform to crowds now she holds the neck of her sweat shirt up to cover her face.

She wrote and performed poem called bullying .

How did we get to this?

Today she sent me the screen shots of the messages made .

Put out there on tik toc and messages about Tamika sent to tamikas friend.

Bullying is a hate crime!

But now in this new age of internet it follows you home.

It threatens you on tik toc

On what’s app groups

You can’t escape it.

My daughter managed to speak to Molly’s father .

He was shocked .

Said he would make it stop

But didn’t want to look at the proof the screen shots of the constant abuse that one child and poured onto another.

Making her life unbearable.

I pray he keeps his word.

That this is an end to it.

I disagree with him not facing the evidence of Molly’s actions.

I really don’t think without doing so he can fully understand.

So I’m posting it here .

It has to stop.

Keep an eye on your children in these strange times talk to them .

Love them protect them.

Keep an eye on their phones , social media.

Know what is there on the screen.

6 thoughts on “Bullying, hate crime, child mental health and lock down

  1. Wow! That is absolutely disgusting…That’s way and above any bullying that went on when I was her age. Never read anything so vile. Tik Tok is evil too. Gives sad little girls like this ‘Molly’ a platform. And she’s the audacity to call Tamika and attention seeker. Poor girl, it must be dragging her down so much. It’s obviously jealousy but hard for a 15 year old to understand that’s where this hatred is coming from. They believe the hate. I sincerely hope her father puts a stop to this bile x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Honestly the level of hatred astounds me.. these poor vulnerable children being exposed to it all just breaks my heart in two.. I pray your granddaughter finds a way not to let it penetrate her so deeply but with sensitivity this sort of thing cant be easily blown off.. I am so deeply sad you are going through this.. ❤


    1. Thank you .she is surrounded by a family who adore her.
      Yet she somehow managed to hide this.
      She said she didn’t want to bring trouble to her mammy’s door.
      Broke my heart x


  3. I’m so sorry this happened to her. To you. I fear that for my own grandkids. Get her away from social media, be facebook friends with her friends ONLY, and find things in life that give you joy and pursue them. Bullies will always be around, but don’t give them entrance to your life.


    1. We are getting there .
      I’m grateful for the beautiful girl she is.
      So grateful she knew she could come to us with it.
      Devistated she had to experience it at all
      How I want to wrap her in my arms and keep her safe.
      Thank you for your kind words x

      Liked by 1 person

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