Almost a normal kind of day.

So I had to go into town today for an appointment.

It feels like the first day of spring.

Here in Wales the sun is shining.

It’s no coat needed kind of day.

I miss seeing people smile.

Faces behind masks.

Trying to read someone’s eyes .

Everyone two metres away.

It’s necessary I know.

But sad.

I wonder about children born at the begining of lockdown.

Their perspective on the big world around them.As they begin to sit up in their prams.

No one bending over to smile and say hi.

To push a silver coin into chubby baby fists for good luck.

For the children and the sick more than anyone I pray this pandemic to end.

I’ve done what I had to in town.

Before leaving I wondered down to o the beach

First time in a year.

How I’ve missed it.

More than I knew.

The soft lapping of the sea on the sand.

The sun shining mine and my little dog Mavis foot prints in the sand.

The sky is so blue fresh crisp air.A feeling a have not felt for quite some time

Hope….I smile to myself it’s going to be okay.

This will end.

I hope we learn from this.

Learn never to take simple everyday things for granted .

Like seeing a stranger’s face smile.

Passing the time of day with others when we are out for a walk

Freedom of movement .

A simple walk on the beach.❤️

The day Sarah Milligan tried to kill me !

So where to begin.

Have you heard of an app called couch to 5k?

I hadn’t.

Until this morning.

A friend of mine popped up on F.B she had been.feeling down had put on weight through lockdown and needed something to motivate herself.

So I read about couch to 5k

Does what it says on the tin.

I down load the app.

Sit with my cup of tea reading what’s involved.

Intermittent brisk walking 90 seconds

Then 60 second run.

Well not a run to start with a jog.

Hmmm I wonder

I live on a canal path.

It’s straight, quiet, I can do that or at least have a go , says that voice in my head that has all the good ideas that usually end in trouble.

I think of shutting it up with a slice of cake.

Too late as I scroll through the app.a little further there is Sarah Milligan smiling at me.

You see you can choose a celebrity who will cheer you on, telling you when to run, slow down and walk and encourage you to keep going.

Anyone that knows me knows I love Sarah she’s my go too comedian to cheer me up.

Plus we have mutual interest in cakes and kittens.

So I press choose Sarah and she tells me we are first going to go for a brisk five min warm up walk.

Off the sofa and proceed to throw all my shoes out of the shoe box looking for a buried pair of £8.00 trainers from Primark .

Pull on my sweatshirt and I’m standing on the tow path ready to go.

I’m might also tell you I’ve never jogged anywhere apart from to my car when it’s raining.

I’m 55 over weight

Recovering from covid and 3 months ago I had minor heart attack.

This fact crosses my mind I decide to focus on the minor..

I’m taking aspirin it’s fine.

My usual footware is walking boots or wellies it’s a tow path in Wales ..

I press start ..

Are you ready asks Sarah

We are going to walk briskly for 5 mins .

So that we speed up your heart rate but you can still hold a conversation.

I wish I’d brought my dog..

Off I go it’s pretty mild for Jan but the mud is something else .

I briskly walking consentrating on my breath and not falling.

Hoping when Sarah tells me to run no one can see me.

Your doing great she tells me your half way through brisk walk.

What… I puff I’m knackered.

Keep going she says and I do.

Through the tunnel and towards the incline up to the canal bridge.

It’s your first run says Sarah it’s on sixty seconds are you ready?


How is sixty seconds so bloody long when your trying to run wondering where all the flabby slappy bits have come from , not slip in the mud, glance around to ensure no other human can see you AND ALSO REMEMBERING TO BREATHE!

I really am only jogging I’m going to die..

That’s it says Sarah as I slide towards the canal slow down continue to brisk walk for 90 seconds ..

FFS the 90 seconds fly by.

I’m just getting my breath back ..

Your next run says Sarah..

Off i go what the actual f##k am I doing I think the log burners on and there’s a walnut cake in the kitchen ..

Go home ..

Well done say Sarah .

F@@k off I tell her.

I’m listening to a woman with a bigger cake fetish than me who squeezes kittens ..

I’m almost in bloody neath..

Should have definitely brought the dog .

She could have carried a flask of brandy..

Maybe not shes a Chihuahua.

She could have ran for help like lassie..

The only other time a minute lasts this long is when your waiting for washing machine door to open.

Ding ding …

A bell rings in my head phones

Your half way there Sarah tells me well done ..

Get ready for your next run 60 secs you can do it.

F@@k off Sarah if you could see me you’d be bringing me cake a brew and dialing an ambulance .

Emergency which service please?

Ambulance please with tea and cake overweight 55 year old woman with possible tourettes and shit trainers covered in mud swearing at imaginary friend called Sarah muttering about washing machine doors and kittens.

Come Sarah cheers me on.

Can you be in a coma when your still.up right I wonder as one of my boobs escape from my non sporty bra.

There is the tunnel I’m almost back in the street.

I can see the light at the end

Or is it a near death experience either way I’m going home and there will be cake!

An old couple stand to the side of the path as I’m puffing my way through my final brisk walk.

Lovely day he says at least it’s stayed dry…

I’m gripping my phone in my hand as I slip in the mud skidding towards them and the two metre rule goes into the canal .

As I grab the kidding gate looking lovingly at the little terrace of cottages ..

Well done says Sarah

Always have a days rest in-between runs

I’ll see you next time..

Not unless there is cake involved Sarah and your waiting personally at finish line with a kitten.

Kettles on.

No more bright ideas .

Wishes @ Junction 38. M4

Junction 38 of M4

Port Talbot

Town of steel .

Its 4pm.on a winter’s day

Sun streaming through the blast furnace smoke .

As I glance to my left as I drive towards home.

To my right green mountains a rainbow arcs across to margam.

I smile

I love this place .

Beautiful partnership of industrial landscape sliding into beautiful Swansea bay.

Mumbles light house comes into view

Shimmering in the cold sunlight



Green mountains

Sing song lilt of wenglish

Sleeping toddler stirs I her car seat beside me .

My little Welsh grand daughter.

How blessed I am.

To be a part of this landscape.

This land

I smile to myself.

Remembering my childhood wish

Every candle blown

Every wish bone

Every dandelion clock.

Close my eyes tight shut

And never tell a soul

What did you wish?

I’d smile keep my secret

Don’t tell or it won’t come true.

As I turn onto the canalpath where I live

Row of colourful cottages

Geese honk a friendly welcome home

As I carry my sleeping grand daughter in my arms and lie her carefully on a warm blanket by a roaring cottage fire .

Wishes do come true

I’m here this is my wish


All that I wished for and more


Go outside & look up at the universe

Don’t know about writers block..

More like writers WTF…

Ive had loads to write about but haven’t.

I’ve given my head a wobble and I’m back.

Wishing you all a fabulous and positive 2021.

What a rollercoaster 2020 was.

Covid 19 has shaken us all to the core.

No matter what we believe about the origin of this virus it has affected us all

Our own health, loosing loved ones, financially freedom of movement, working from home , loss of businesses and jobs.

Social distancing.

Mask wearing.

Limited numbers at weddings and funerals.

The list is endless.

Two years ago if it had been a news story there would have been mass panic.

We all have different opinions on how this global pandemic has been handled.

The truth of it is simple

Not one of us is wrong.

We have all viewed this world wide stage individually .

I’ve seen so much kindness

But also so much nastiness.

Maybe from fear who knows.

The only thing we now have control over is how we react .

We really do have to be the best us that we can.

That involves being kind to ourselves.

Go outside walk on the cold frozen earth.

Look up at the vastness of the universe

It is all part of you.

We are all part of each other.

Connected .

Know that you , we , us.

Are living in strange times that are a major part of history.

I really hope that we all take away something positive from this experience.

If you can’t think of something then make it your goal.

Something in years to come when you are telling a child the story of the worldwide pandemic

There will be a glow of hope you speak of a difference you made.

Now go outside and look up at the universe X