Mavis & Brian

So my little rescue dog Mavis who came to us at just over a year so very nervous.

She had lived in a flat never been outside at all.

The flat was covered in dog poo and she was fed on scraps .

She came to us in such a sorry state and after a yeAr with us she would still run under the sofa and hide if anyone called in.

I thought maybe this was the best she would ever get.

Then a few weeks ago I was asked if I’d like a little ginger rescue kitten.

We have two adult cats Lucifer and Luna who are both okay with Mavis but when they are not sleeping they are out so not much company so I said yes and we welcomed Brian into our cottage.

He is just what Mavis needed.

She adores him he is lively and lots of fun and has taught her how to play!

They really are best pals.

My little dog is changed she’s so confident and sleeps beside her new best friend.

Here they are ❤️