You couldn’t make this shit up.

I’m sitting here relaxed watching David Tennant in Des.

Absolutely best thing I’ve watched in ages.

Window is open

We here a loud splash.

Brian the cat has fallen in the canal chasing mice again.

Within a minute he’s out.

He comes bounding over the garden wall like a bloody racehorse.

Through window ginger cat dripping dirty canal water comes flying at me over back of the sofa..

Dripping wet…. He looks at me and drops a still live mouse on my boobs I’m wearing a sun dress.

Wet mouse crawls in-between my boobs .

I scream

Mavis the dog runs away.

I jump up mouse drops out of my dress onto sofa. It lies there stunned.

I’m swearing at knob head wet ginger cat.

I scoop the stunned mouse up.

With old towel.

He’s stopped moving.

Everywhere is soaking .

Brians so pleased with himself!

I’m reiking the mouse who it’s soon apparent is dead.

My hubby is laughing so much he’s crying..

Surreal moment of.

Is this really my bloody life!

Send Gin!

Missing cats and midnight train tracks.

Behind our cottage is a old disused collery train track.

The track is level with apex of the houses .

So pretty steep to climb up.

I’ve just climbed up there for the seventh time today.

Pitch dark up a steep bramble and ivy covered bank .

Cursing as I go .

I’m fifty bloody five I’m huffing and puffing talking to myself.

Falling over my long hippy dress as I heave myself up to the top.

I stand for a minute and let my eyes grow accustomed to the dark.

The crunchy stones either side of the track seem steeper than this afternoon as I climb over into the middle of the tracks .

The row of cottages now look tiny.

I’ve forgotten my phone.

Great I say to myself don’t bloody fall no bugger knows your up here.

It’s quite a warm night the sky is clear and I start to walk carefully along the track.

Walking beside me is my cat Lucifer balencing on the track like a feline gymnast .

On the other side of the line is a huge triangle of waste land densely covered with trees, brambles and bushes .

The slop down there is even steeper than the one down to our house.

But it’s the place where my youngest cat Brian hides out when my female black cat Luna chases him.

I usually go over there give him a shout and I hear him instantly he answers when I call him .

He is a year old and the most loving cat, vocal and funny.

Lucifer is the eldest he’s almost five beautiful but quite aloof Luna my is three .

She is a warrior she hates everyone and everything.

Apart from me.

Brian knows this.

It’s her fault I’m up here..

Brian I call and whistle but there is no sign of him.

I haven’t seen him for 24 hours .

Luna appears walks on opposite track to Lucifer.

Great if he’s about he definitely won’t come out now!.

You’d think by now she would accept him

I’m worrying my hubby however isn’t.

He’s a cat.

He will be back .

He says.

He’s sat in the cottage warm whilst I’m up here like some crazy cat lady .

Walking the line and stopping to watch the bats..

I make my way home and by luck more than judgement I slide back down the banking into our garden

No sign I tell Jeff .

You worry more about that cat he says ..

Yes I do ..

Fingers crossed he will be home .

If not I’ll be back up the tracks in the morning.

Photo my granddaughter

Emilia with Lucifer

Fire pit reflection

Does the weather or season affect your mood? It’s April springtime in Wales

Although it has rained a few times this weekend that’s okay the rain is what makes Wales such a lush green beautiful place.

I love this time of year everything is waking up tiny Hawthorne leaves dafodills in their yellow dresses, the ivy seems to boast a new brighter shade of green, the trees on the mountains no longer bare they are dressed in new clothes swaying in the breeze welcoming crows who caw and dart to and fro gathering twigs and straw to build this year’s nests warm and safe surrounded by new leaves and a warmer breeze.

Baby shrews scurry along the canal bank chased by my black cat Luna who also loves the rebirth of spring for different reasons. The nights are lighter.

I’ve spent the weekend clearing my cottage garden building a fire in the fire pit sitting reflecting watching the late sunset.

I feel my mood is starting to lift. It’s been a hard challenging year. The loss of my best friend Donna floored me and I miss her everyday I’ve chatted away to her as I always did tell her what’s happing and all about having to rebuild our Retreat and how its taken it’s toll.

But I’ve discovered some amazing people strangers who have become new friends.

My relationship with my husband Jeff we’ve never had an easy ride but he’s my rock and I his. We are , complete opposite but I can’t imagine me without him at times this year we’ve wondered if there was a light at the end of the tunnel as we would complete one job on the retreat something else would come up.

But yesterday we finished the floor tiling all the way through the cottage hard graft when your doing it after work and weekends singlehandedly whilst also building a shower room and fitting a kitchen

So last night I sat by the fire pit in my little piece of paradise and gave thanks to the universe.

For lessons learned and strength and patience I didn’t know we had.

For good friends chosen family and rebirth of this coming year.

I’m here holding out my hands and trusting. I’m ready for whatever it brings

With the quiet knowledge that this is a new chapter.

I’ll go back in times of reflection and reread the older chapters for without them I wouldn’t be here now.

Sat by the fire watching a black cat look up at the sky. Feeling warm and grateful for all that I am.